Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I am so happy that the weekend is here! Or almost here in my case. 🙂 Either way, I’m glad it’s Friday. Any exciting plans for the weekend? I have a few projects I’m hoping to work on this weekend. But for today, I just have a few Friday Favorites to share!

friday favorites, mother daughter outing, family
Pottery painting with Mom


3 Steps to a Healthier and Fitter You from Blush and Barbells – A great simple article about starting to get healthier! The fitness routine is still something I struggle with on a regular basis. I completely agree with her that it is an essential part to getting healthier!

Things to do When You Feel Rubbish from Dizzy Brunette 3 – Love this! I’ve been dealing with kinda feeling rubbish on and off for the last couple weeks and this was a great post to remind me of some things that help!

Life and Family

My Self-Righteous Animal Adoption Rant from Oddly Lovely – This one really hit home for me. Adoption is definitely the way to go! Draz and I got Crystal from a shelter and just love her like crazy! I know we will continue adopting whenever we decide it’s time to get another dog.

Blogging and Business

8 Tips for Taking Great Photos from A Cup of Jo – Great list! It has a few things that I had never thought of and can’t wait to try out!

My Top 5 Creative Resources for Bloggers from Makeup Savvy – I love this list! I may be alone in this, but I have only used 1 of these. I can’t wait to try some new ones out!

That’s it for this week! It’s less than the list I normally put together, but it’s at least a few things for you to check out! I hope to be a bit more on track with the blog next week (and beyond!). I do still have some exciting projects in the works, so keep an eye out for new posts!

Have a great weekend! And I would love to see some of your favorites from this week, so leave a comment below with a link and I will check it out!



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