sunday meal prep 7/10/16

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We have some storms going on here right now, but otherwise it has been a good weekend 🙂 I’ve been having some slight back issues again, so I’ve taken a couple extra rest days this week. If I take care of it early on, hopefully I will be back to full workouts this coming week! But enough about my week….now it’s time to talk about all the tasty food for this week’s meal prep!


How to spend a few hours cooking on the weekend and have more time for the things you love!

I decided to keep our snacks pretty basic this week and only made Cookie Dough Protein Bites and my grapes with cheese (I’m obsessed with Havarti right now). And Draz’s salads are the same as they always are, just how he likes them 🙂 But I decided to have some fun and really change up my salads this week! My salads this week were inspired from this Chicken Taco Salad recipe and turned out delicious!


I started out with a “dressing” mixture: 3/4 cup taco sauce with 3/4 plain Greek yogurt, mixed together until smooth. Then I added in some taco shredded chicken (slow cooked for 6 hrs with chicken broth and chicken taco seasoning).

That was different, since I usually add the protein right before the salad mix. I think it turned out pretty well, though I’m not sure if that is going to change how I make salads from here on…I will have to do some reading before I decide.


The chicken was followed by (in order)

  • sliced red onion
  • black beans (drained and rinsed)
  • canned corn (drained)
  • canned green beans (drained)
  • shredded Mexican blend cheese
  • cherry tomatoes, whole
  • salad mix
  • a sprinkle of Penzys’ salsa salad seasoning

Overall, I think this salad turned out delicious! I’m going to make this again, with maybe a few changes. I’m going to have some fun playing with a few of the ingredients!


I decided to go with all new recipes this week (we all know just how much I love new recipes) and they turned out fantastic! My favorite: The Chickpea and Potato Curry 🙂 Draz’s favorite: One Pot Creamy Chicken and Rice. He did like the curry, but wants me to tone down the heat a bit next time. Maybe I should lower the cayenne pepper? It was pretty spicy, but I like a decent amount of heat!

The curry was spicy and saucy and just….delicious. I love all things curry, so I think more needs to be added to our regular rotation! Any suggestions?


Now, while it wasn’t our favorite, the Slowcooker Chicken and Parmesan Soup was really tasty too! I did make one edit, entirely due to me relying on my memory while making my grocery list haha! I thought that we had some rotini pasta in the pantry….nope! But thankfully we did have some orzo, which ended up working pretty well. I would like to try some pasta with more “shape” to it in a future version of the dish, but it was really tasty anyways!

That’s it for this week! Did you make any new recipes this week? I would love to hear about your prep, so please leave a comment below!



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