Fitness Gear – What I’m Loving Right Now!

Hey y’all! ……

Ok, so a lot of the gear I’m loving right now, fitness wise, are things I got from BlogFest! Our sponsors were so generous and there were a lot of awesome vendors at the IdeaWorld Expo as well! Some of this fitness gear has become things I’m using every day and am absolutely loving.

Looking to update your gear or try something new? Here are the things I'm using all the time right now and loving!

Takeya water bottle!


Guys…This water bottle is amazing! Drinking enough water is so important and this bottle keeps it cold for so long! I don’t know about you, but I hate room temp water. It’s just the worst. Having cold water means I will actually drink enough! I fill it up with ice before I head to my “regular” job and will refill it at least a few times during my shift. The handle makes it easy to carry around and I love the dual lid design.

Plus, look at that color!!! It’s such a fun and vibrant pink!

Vooray bag



The first time I saw Vooray was on Instagram around a year ago and I have been in love ever since! So when I saw that they had a booth at the Expo, I had to go down so I could see them in person. After about 4 visits in two days where I tried to talk myself out of buying one…I finally gave in! I am so glad I did! I absolutely love it! Right now, with my schedule, I’m only using it a couple of times a week. But once I (eventually) go full time with my business, I foresee needing it a lot more often!

Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones


Before heading to the conference, I had been going back and forth about getting some new headphones to replace mine (they were slowly breaking). Now I’m glad I waited! I got these fantastic headphones as part of BlogFest at the Red Bull booth and they are working great. It took a bit for me to find a comfortable way to wear them. But they are super versatile for how they can be worn, so there is sure to be a fit that is comfortable for everyone! And they are very lightweight. My favorite part though is the clips that you can put on to the back to adjust the fit!

I’ve been wearing them both at work and at the gym and no matter what I’ve been doing they stay in. Full transparency: It took me a day or two to get the fit right for them to stay in like that. The first time I tried to run with them in they fell out immediately. When I ran yesterday they stayed in perfectly the whole time. The run-time has been really good too. I haven’t used them to dead yet, but I’ve used them all night at work and then at the gym with no issues!

Sweat Pink Tank Top


This tank top is just so cute and comfy! I love the fit – it’s not super form-fitting, but not really loose and flowy either. It’s pretty much the perfect mix! And now that I’m officially a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I love having a bit of gear to wear and represent!

YMCA T-shirt


Speaking of wearing and representing haha….My YMAC t-shirt is my go-to at least once a week! They are so cute, super comfy and are great to workout in! They were designed for our Des Moines YMCAs by a local clothing company called RAYGUN! (I loved them so much that I bought two!)

I am a big fan of our Y, and of the Y in general. I love the sense of community and support that comes from being a part of them and all the work they do! So I’m thrilled to have a shirt I love to wear to show my love and support of them!

Momentum Wrap


I’ve been wearing this wrap almost every day since I got it! It’s so comfy, even during a workout. I can’t wait to get a few more from them!



Asics are pretty much my go-to brand for shoes anymore, and I’m currently in love with my pair of grey and pink Quantum Gel 180 2! They are versatile enough to go from the weight room to going for a run outside and provide great arch support. I broke 2 bones in my foot a long time ago, so quality shoes are super important to me!

Listening to – Mantras and Macros


I get a lot of listening time available to me at my “regular” job, so I love me some podcasts! Now, most of them are history, business, or nerdy geeky fun, but I do listen to one fitness podcast! I found Mantras and Macros recently and have been steadily working my way through from the beginning. I love listening to Mallisa and her guests converse! She has so much great information to share and a lot of her personal story just hits home with me so hard. If you are a podcast lover, I definitely recommend checking her out! (She also has a wonderful blog to go along with the podcast, which I’m sure you will love! You are here reading mine after all :p)

So that is it – just a little snapshot into what I’m loving right now! Do you have any fitness gear that you are really into right now? What about fitness podcasts?! I would love to hear about it, so please leave a comment below!