5 Ways to Inspire Creativity When You Are Stuck

Creativity is fickle, isn’t it? Sometimes you can feel on top of the world…mind racing with so many ideas you can barely keep up with them! It’s a great feeling and, at least for me, can make me feel like I’m this super-creative person. I don’t need anything to inspire creativity! Just look at all the ideas I’m coming up with! Then comes the downfall. The times when you desperately want to create something, but nothing seems to work. If you start a project you can’t seem to figure out how to proceed. Nothing seems to flow, no matter what medium you use. For me, that is the worst feeling. I feel like I am not creative at all and maybe I should just give up. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but you get what I’m saying.

Everyone’s creativity ebbs and flows. So what are some things you can do to inspire creativity when you are on the ebbing side of things?

  1. Break your routine – Most of us have our daily and weekly routines. They form without even really trying. Sometimes this can cause things to stagnate. So break that routine! Go someplace you don’t normally go, or at a time you aren’t normally out. One recent example of this for me is going to a coffee shop solely to work on my blog. I will sit down with my headphones and a cup of coffee and write. Another that has helped me before is going for a hike, or even walking through the Main Street district in my town.

    While I love all of those options, and use them all, my favorite is a hike or even just a walk through Ledges. My favorite way to clear my head and work on new ideas!
  2. Step away from technology – This is one I have found to help me a lot. Yes, there are a lot of things out there in the technological world that can inspire creativity. I’m not discounting those. But sometimes we can get so sucked in to what others are creating and find it hard to create things ourselves!
  3. Go to a museum – Or an art show, or craft fair, or something. Try to find something that is not the same medium that you use. You will be amazed at how many things can be inspired by viewing what someone did in a completely different form! I can’t paint, at all. But there is something about paintings that can inspire so many things in me!

    Even a Farmer’s Market can have some great inspiring things to look at!
  4. Just do it – Whatever it is you are trying to do, just start. Keep trying at it. Sometimes, all that is needed is just to get going and suddenly all the ideas are there. I have this happen with writing sometimes, and my jewelry a little more often. I will go down to my studio feeling like I have no ideas for a new pendant and just start looking at the colors of glass, playing with different pieces. After a little bit, the ideas usually start coming and next thing you know, I have eight new ready-to-fuse pendants! This doesn’t always work, but it can at times and is worth trying.
  5. Set the tone – Sometimes things can just get overwhelmed. One of the things I do on a regular basis that I have a hard time with is writing. Writing does not come naturally to me, though it has gotten a little easier with practice. But one thing I have found that has helped inspire creativity and get me in the right mindset is setting the tone. I have music that I use almost exclusively for writing. I try to always write at a table (usually my desk) with as few distractions as possible around me. It’s taken a while to set this in my mind, but now when I turn that music on it helps get me focused on writing. I am currently in the beginning stages of doing something similar for working in my studio.
    What not to do! This is my messier-than-it-should be desk! Not conducive to creativity

    This is much better. Clean, clear of extra things…simple!

So those are my top tips to inspire creativity! I know that being stuck can be frustrating and difficult, but just remember that it doesn’t last! You can find ways to get yourself back to creating! I hope this list will spark an idea or two on how you can do just that!

What do you do when you are stuck creatively? Do you have a tip that I didn’t think of? I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below!Sara