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Happy Friday everyone! Did you have a fantastic week? Any exciting plans for the weekend? I know that I had a MUCH better week this week than last week…not being sick can do that πŸ™‚ After spending 4 days pretty much sleeping and laying around, it feels so good to be up and active again! Plus I have been getting a bunch of things sorted out here for the blog and for the upcoming Etsy store (we are talking in the next week or so people! Just finishing up the last few details.) so I am pretty happy overall. And right now, I’m happy to be sharing the links I love this week with you!


My favorite pic of the week! I am so in love with how this new pendant turned out!

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friday favs: the links I love

It’s Friday!! I am so excited for this weekend!! Unlike most weeks, where my “weekends” are split and I work Fridays and Sundays, I am on VACATION! *dances around like crazy*

Ok…now that’s out of my system πŸ™‚ I hope you are having an awesome week and planning for an even more awesome weekend! I have some exciting things planned for this weekend, including a fun lunch date with a friend. But right now I’m really happy to be sharing with you the links I love from this week! I think I found some pretty awesome articles, so now you have some great reading to add to your already awesome day!

But before we get to that….my favorite pic of the week! Kind of a behind the scenes look πŸ™‚ This was last weekend when we had my parents over for lunch for Mother’s Day, with my mom taking the picture. This is also why I don’t show my kitchen very often either!! It’s not so pretty, is it? Someday I will have a pretty kitchen…Β But either way, we had a fantastic time!

Cooking at home, kitchen, family



Thai Red Coconut Curry with Chicken from Slender Kitchen

Cheeseless Buffalo Chicken QuesadillaΒ from Run, Sweat, Eat, Repeat

Italian Chicken Meatball Subs from Persnickety Plates

Citrus Marinated Carne Asada from Slender Kitchen

Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pizza from The Recipe Critic

Art and DIY

Photo DIY Ledge from A Beautiful Mess – Photos are one of those things I have a really hard time putting up. I always end up putting it off until later, or until I have the “right” way to display it. Maybe I should make some of these?

Thrift Store Bookcase/Nightstand Makeover Tutorial from Jenna Sue Design Co. – Wow! I had been planning on throwing out a really old and beaten up bookcase (from Walmart 10+ years ago, back damaged, etc) but I think I might try some of what she did! Plus I’ve been working on improving my furniture-painting skills, so maybe some practice on a piece like that would be good. Her results were amazing!!

Life and Family

Create a Positive Life and Break Free of Failure from Passion Themed Life – Wow…I love this post! Some of the points touch on things I have just started getting into, and others are things I have been focusing on a lot this year in order to achieve my goals and live a happier, more fulfilled life! Great read!

Fitness and Health

6 Simple Reasons Why Camping is So Good for Your Health from Cool of the Wild – I used to go camping pretty regularly as a kid and up into my early twenties…I don’t think I really thought much about how much I missed it until this year. Being outdoors can be so great for you, both mentally and physically. This one is a great read about why camping is so awesome!

Small Steps for Getting Started from Sweat, Stretch, Eat – While I think this is a great post for beginners, it’s also a great reminder for those of us who are struggling to stay on track. It can be so overwhelming and discouraging to not be meeting your fitness goals or not doing as well as you were. This post is great for reminding me that it doesn’t have to be so hard to get back on track!

5 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling from Organize Yourself Skinny – Traveling can make it difficult to stay healthy. This has some great easy tips to help you out!


3 Tips to the Art of Accessorizing from A Thoughtful Place – If you guys haven’t noticed, I LOVE jewelry. Granted, most of what I wear is my own, but these tips are great!…And maybe something I need to keep in mind more when styling my own pieces. I wonder if most of mine would count as statement pieces?

Blogging and Business

Why Everything You Hear About How to Blog is Wrong from Helene In Between – I love this! As a still pretty new blogger, I can struggle sometimes with what I feel is authentically “me” and what others say. There is no magic formula for being a successful blogger. In the end, you need to figure out what success is for you and how you want to get there. This has some great tips to keep in mind while you figure that out!

How to Master the Flat Lay from Dizzy Brunette3 – Ugh…the flat lay. I can’t ever seem to get this thing down. Maybe with some of these tips and ideas I can! While I don’t want my feed to be a bunch of flat lays or anything like that, it would be nice occasionally to be able to style one πŸ™‚

That’s it for this week!! I think there are some pretty awesome posts in there, so make sure to check a few out for some weekend reading! Have a great weekend!



friday favs: the links I love

It’s Friday!! Ok, I’m usually pretty happy for the weekend (even though I don’t have a traditional weekend off of work…huh…that’s kinda weird). But right now I’m even more excited!! I still have a few days of work left, but I am almost to our vacation!! 11 glorious days together off of work. Or at least off of our day jobs. We both still have work to do, but we will get plenty of time together too. Plus I’m meeting up with a friend for lunch and a few other exciting events scheduled!! But, that’s not the focus for today. Today is all about the links I love from this week! Honestly, it’s a pretty short list. Not because there wasn’t quality stuff out there. More just my focus has been a little off this week, so I didn’t do quite as much reading as I normally do. But either way, I hope you enjoy the links I love…maybe you will even love them too!?

links-I-Love, Ada-Hayden
Along with the links I love, this is one of the places I love. The May photos turned out great!


Sesame Noodles with Broccoli and Almonds from Gimme Some Oven

Ham and Swiss Quinoa Egg Bake from Organize Yourself Skinny


Create an Amazing Home Exercise Routine FOR Free With The Fitnet Workout App from Organize Yourself Skinny – I haven’t tried this yet, but I think I might soon! As most of you know, I have been still struggling with my back issues for the past few months, so Kayla’s BBG really hasn’t been possible for me. I’ve been keeping up with the treadmill, but that’s about it. I’ve been leaning towards kinda giving in to the reality that starting BBG again isn’t going to happen soon, so I need to start figuring out a new routine that I can do with my back issues.Β I’m hoping this app will have some options that I can try!

You Are More Than Your Body (Fat) from Girls Gone Strong – This hits on so many issues I either have struggled with or continue to struggle with. Fantastic read and really thought provoking.

Creating Your Own Home Gym from Kate Moving Forward – A home gym is awesome! And you don’t need a huge amount of space to have one. I would love to have a gym membership, but that is a little out of our budget right now. So I love the home gym I’ve put together! (of couse, I’m really lucky I had parents who were done with their treadmill, but you can still do a lot without that)

Art and DIY

Inspired Idea: DIY Gilded Roses from Lauren Conrad – I’m going to admit something…I’m not a huge fan of roses. They are ok, but I have a lot of flowers I prefer over roses. But these! These are so pretty!

Blogging and Business

The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Your Blog Content from Melyssa Griffin – This is something I’m still struggling with! I’m going to have to put a lot more thought into some of the techniques and platforms she talks about here…Especially Periscope? I have heard a ton, but haven’t checked it out yet! Any Periscope users out there with tips?

How Not to Get Caught in the 6-Figure Blogger Suck-in from by Regina – I’ve seen a lot of this on the web and I love how she lays this out. Great read.


2 Hacks for a Front Braid on Dark + Straight Hair from The Small Things Blog – Ok, so my hair is only straight sometimes. But it’s definitely dark! And I’m going to be trying this style and tip in the next few days! I’m always a little disappointed in my braids, mostly because they just kinda blend. Here’s hoping this will help!

That’s it for the links I love this week! I love what I did find and I hope you did too! Have a wonderful weekend!



Friday Favs: The Links I Love – April 29, 2016

It’s Friday! Did you have an awesome week? I hope you did! Me, on the other hand….not a bad week, but definitely not awesome. My back was acting up throughout the whole thing, so I was pretty limited on what I could physically. Are you tired of my back acting up all the time, because I really am!Β Otherwise, not a bad week! I got a decent amount done while still allowing myself some “me” time like I talked about in Wednesday’s post. It was hard to pace myself, but so great to take some time away from working. But this post is one of my favorite fun ones to work on, because I get to share all the links I love from the week! Plus it gives me an excuse to spend time reading various blogs!Β 

Enjoy!Links I love


Steve’s Famous Maryland Crab Soup from Monica’s Table

12 Kid-Friendly Energy Ball Recipes Made Without Protein Powder from The Lean Green Bean

One Pan Honey Mustard Balsamic Chicken and Broccolini from Slender Kitchen

Mozzarella Chicken Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes from The Recipe Critic

Pizza Rolls from The Pioneer Woman

Smoked Mozzarella Grilled Cheese with Mushrooms and Onions from Slim Sanity

Fitness and Wellness

Eat and Get Fit from Moms Can be Fit – Too many times I see people talking about eating for fitness in restrictive ways…you know what I’m talking about, it’s the “baked chicken and steamed veggies for lunch and/or dinner every day” crowd. Now, there is nothing wrong with those. I love baked chicken and steamed veggies. But every day? Tiff talks about her normal daily eating habits and some options and it is refreshing to see someone so fit talking about real food!

Restoring Mind and Body: Natures Profound Power from Run to the Finish – This makes me want to visit Colorado so much! These parks look amazing and like so much fun. I love when you can combine gorgeous outdoor scenery with fitness and spending time together.

My Relationship with Fitness from Cupcakes and Cashmere – As most of you know, I struggle with my fitness routine. Some from injury, some from just having difficulty settling into a routine I enjoy. I really like getting a look into others struggles too, especially since it can feel sometimes that everyone has their act together and it’s just me. So I really appreciate how much she puts herself out there in this post!

Home and Decor

Injecting Colour Into Your Kitchen in 3 Easy Ways from Suburban Mum – I love the idea of small steps! While I’m a big fan of color (sometimes a little too much) it can be hard to get the right balance.

Guest Room Gallery Wall from The DIY Playbook – Oh how I love a good gallery wall. And this one is gorgeous!

Jewelry Organization from A Thoughtful Place – This is such a cute way to organize your jewelry! While I have way too many pieces to do just this, I might incorporate some more visually-pleasing displays when we finish the walk-in closet πŸ™‚

Life and Family

Things That Make You Feel Like an Adult from DizzyBrunette3 – This list is great! And made me laugh. Sometimes it really does hit home when you are doing more “adult” things like making appointments, cleaning your home, and buying furniture!

Tulip Fields + Embracing Spontaneity from Open Spaces – I love the idea of a spontaneous trip exploring the tulip fields. And as this is only a couple hours away from me, totally possible! Great post and gorgeous pictures πŸ™‚

Why It’s Okay to Be Basic from DizzyBrunette3 – I’m gonna start off with the fact that I have hated that term from the first time I heard it…and I absolutely love this post. We really need to stop shaming people for the things they like, whether that is Starbucks, yoga, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ok, I love all three of these, and that last one is my own addition to things she mentions) Just let people do what they enjoy, no shame involved. And she makes this point much better than I am, so head over there to read it!

Art and DIY

Everyone’s Painting Their Own Abstract Art, And You Should Too from Apartment Therapy – Ok, this one is not from this week, so I’m breaking my rules here. But I love this post! It has so many great ideas for some DIY art!

Industrial Display Shelves from Pretty Handy Girl – I LOVE these! They are so cute, while still having a bit of a masculine feel. Plus great build plans!

Easy DIY Pallet Clipboard Frame from Old House to New Home – Such a cute and simple idea! Perfect for loose art or pictures! πŸ™‚

The Magic of Getting Started from Art Blog for Creative Living – I love this! I have a hard time getting going in my studio sometimes and it really is true…sometimes you just have to start

Blogging and Business

One Day I Will Find You – A Letter to My Dream Job from Vanilla Crunnch – I love how Lara talks about the feelings surrounding her dream job instead of the exact thing she wants to do. How it’s about the community, interactions and results. Great read!

The Key to Fooling Everyone Into Thinking You’re a Natural at Public Speaking from The Middle Finger Project – Fantastically written and has some great tips! I have a hard time at public speaking, even in small group conversations, and this is something I have been having to do more of lately. I will definitely be giving the advice in this post some thought!

5 Mistakes I’ve Made With Blog Photos from A Girl, Obsessed – While I still have SO MUCH to learn about photography, I do think my photos have gotten better over the last year. I love getting the chance to look back at another blogger’s progress, especially since the photos she creates are so gorgeous!

How Weekend Fun Can Help Grow Your Social Media from Venus Trapped in Mars – I love this post! Social media is a bit of a struggle for me sometimes, especially when it comes to growth. I love getting great photos out of fun outings…I just need to be a little more deliberate about it!

Time Management 101 from Simply Organized – While I think this article was written geared towards moms, I think this is really applicable to all bloggers and business types, whether they are moms or not! Great post and great reminder to own your time!

Links I love, favorite picture
I am loving the color in the trees right now! While I had a bit of fun editing, this color is actually true to how it looks in person!

That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoy this round up of the links I love and found some interesting posts! Did I miss your favorite from the week, or maybe you posted something you want me to check out? I would love to hear about them, so please leave a link in the comments below!

Have a fabulous weekend!