Why I Started a Blog: An Introduction

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There are a lot of blogs out there….millions in fact. According to this site in November 2013, there were over 152,000,000 blogs on the internet. This stands to reason that there are quite a few more now, with more being created every day. So why, out of all those millions of blogs, do I feel the desire to start my own?

To really explain that, I need to back up a few years. About to graduate college, I had a plan, a path that I knew I was going to take after graduation. Only….I didn’t end up taking that path. Instead, my life changed dramatically. Suddenly, I didn’t have ANY plan. This aimless existence continued on for a couple of years and I became stuck, unhappy and unhealthy. Then, almost seemingly overnight, things started to change. Continue reading “Why I Started a Blog: An Introduction”