Sunday Meal Prep

Hey everyone and welcome back to another week of meal prepping! I may have gone a little crazy πŸ˜‰ Boyfriend and I decided that we would budget a bit extra to build up our freezer “stash” of meals, so I had a few things extra planned for this week. Now, I want to remind everyone reading that meal prepping DOES NOT have to be this lengthy or involved. It can be as simple or complex as you would like it to be.

As always, I hope you enjoy this week’s meals!Β 

Over-table view: Check out all that food!
Upper left-hand of composite picture.

My salads (some with Tuna Quinoa Cakes and some with Shredded Buffalo Chicken), more Shredded Buffalo Chicken, Pulled Pork, Thai Basil Ground Beef, andΒ Cajun Chicken Pasta freezer meals. The Thai Basil was delicious and the bit of the Cajun Chicken I had before I froze it was really tasty! These were just a couple of new recipes I tried this week πŸ™‚ I also tried the Buffalo Chicken in a sandwich with some provolone, ranch dressing, mixed salad greens and a little red onion and I loved it! That recipe is so versatile.

Upper right-hand of composite picture

Breakfast Burritos and Egg Muffins (both for the freezer), extra Tuna Quinoa Cakes, a few hard-boiled eggs for snacking, and Egg Muffins with Kale and Ham.

Lower right-hand of composite picture

Anduille Sausage Root Veggie Bake, Boyfriend’s salads (all with Shredded Buffalo Chicken), and Peanut Butter Banana Oat Muffins. The Veggie Bake was another new recipe and so tasty! Those muffins started as 12, but we may have eaten some while I was cooking πŸ˜›

Lower left-hand of composite picture

Sweet Potato Banana Bites and Breakfast Casserole (recipe in this post)

That’s it for this week! While it was a lot of cooking and time, I had a lot of fun with new recipes this week and that full fridge and freezer at the end was really nice to see.

So what are you cooking this week? Do you prefer doing bigger or smaller meal prep?

On a side note, I would love some feedback for the layout of these meal prep posts! Do you like a big grouping like in this one, with all the food from the night together? Or do you like how I did a few other posts, were I put similar items together in smaller groups? What do you think works better?

Sara (1)

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