DIY Painted Lamps: Adventures in Spray Painting and Budget Remodels

Hey everyone! This week is the first of hopefully many (but at least 4) weeks of DIY projects for the home! While I have always loved doing DIY projects, I have never taken much time to develop any real skills at them. At least ones that aren’t art-related.

Now I find myself really getting into them and wanted to learn some new skills as well. We have been working on remodeling our house for a few years now and I have started to get a little frustrated at the lack of cohesion in the decor. Most rooms are a mash-up of items from my childhood, ones given to me or left by past roommates, some art projects I’ve made and a few art pieces I’ve collected.

All in all, it doesn’t really fit my taste or preferences. But what am I to do? All of these pieces of perfectly usable furniture and very little ‘play’ money doesn’t exactly lead to going out and buying a bunch of new furniture and decor.

Enter the DIY possibilities! I’ve seen a bunch of DIY projects in the past on Instagram, blogs, etc, that looked amazing, but always seemed out of my skill-range. Now I’ve decided to go for it!

I’m starting off with a pretty light project, skill-wise, but am hoping to build up to some more in depth projects over the next few months. So now, without any further ramblings, on to our project of the week: spray painted lamps! Specifically these lamps.


Aren’t the gorgeous!? Ok, so they are pretty ugly. They have been living in my basement for years, mostly because I can’t seem to throw away decor items. I may have a slight ‘collecting’ problem.

But I really wanted some new lamps for our bedroom remodel! Pretty and coordinated lamps. And I can’t argue with free! So I checked that they both still worked and set them up in the garage to paint!



Now, I haven’t done a whole lot of spray painting. In fact, I’ve done it a total of once. But after browsing around online at DIY for the past few years, I felt I had a pretty good handle on this. First I sanded down each one, then wiped them off with a clean rag. Then I taped off the fixture portion and the cord, read the spray can again, and went at it!


I circled each lamp slowly, spraying back and forth with a bit of overlap on each side. I didn’t count how many coats I did, but I know I did quite a few, trying to keep them each pretty light. Overall, I think they turned out pretty great!




This room still has SO MUCH work, but I am really loving the complimenting lamps! Keep tuned for more bedroom remodel updates! I have a ton of plans for this remodel 🙂

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