Fitness Update

As I stated in my July Review, I kinda fell off track with my workouts for a couple of weeks. So I didn’t make much progress last month 😦 But I didn’t really lose any progress either. Over my fitness journey, I have learned to accept that some weeks don’t go as planned.

June Progress Pics
BBG Starting Day Pics

As you can see, not really any progress. I am far more optimistic about August! I finally stopped delaying and got Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide!! I did my first Kayla official workout last night and loved it! I know my legs are going to be so very sore when I wake up, but it will be a great feeling 🙂

I am really excited to have started this. I’ve been following various women in the BBG community on Instagram for months, drawing inspiration from them. To finally be joining that community makes me so happy!

Stay tuned for my updates! I can’t wait to see how this month progresses!

6 thoughts on “Fitness Update

  1. So excited for you to start BBG – there’s a great community of girls who are supportive of each other, no matter what! I’m onto week 8 of BBG and love it. 1 piece of advice is don’t kick yourself if you slip up (miss a training, eat a cheat meal) etc. BBG is a lifestyle change and our habits don’t change overnight .. but perseverance wins out! Good luck!
    I’m on Instagram and share some of my BBG photos there; @crosstitchery
    Wishing you all the best with your BBG journey
    Erin x


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