Learning to Garden: An Update

I am so excited to say that I can consider this first year of gardening a complete success! I still have a lot to learn and the growing season isn’t over yet, but I have vegetables growing, two types of herbs I can use, and my impatiens are doing much better 🙂  Continue reading “Learning to Garden: An Update”

Learning to Garden: How My Garden is Growing!

Hey everyone! Just a quick update in my ever-continuing journey in learning to garden!

My vegetable plants seem to be growing in pretty well! I’ve been told I need to get cages to support the tomatoes, so I’m going to be picking those up over the next couple days. Anyone know if I have waited too long based on the picture?

The plants as of yesterday. Also, don’t you just love my yoga frog?! I think he is just awesome! My mom got him for me 🙂

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Learning to Garden: Lessons From My Dad

Gardening has always been one of those things that seems just out of reach. Plants were something I wanted but never really seemed a possibility. People that had lush flower beds and bountiful gardens were people to be admired and, I’ll admit, envied a little. Their beautiful lawns were a stark contrast to my own.

The front lawn before we started planting, with a little of the fresh topsoil added. Pretty bare, right?!

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