Learning to Garden: An Update

I am so excited to say that I can consider this first year of gardening a complete success! I still have a lot to learn and the growing season isn’t over yet, but I have vegetables growing, two types of herbs I can use, and my impatiens are doing much better 🙂 


I did have a bit of a scare. My tomato plants seemed like they were dying and the leaves were turning yellow and then dying. I was pretty disappointed at first, but I called my dad and he was able to direct me to buying a spray that would help. There are still some yellow leaves, but they are looking much better than they were a couple weeks ago!

plantupdateIt amazes me just how much they have grown! I’ve never really had much luck with keeping plants alive and healthy, so I am thrilled to even have this progress. Every day when we come home from work I have to take a second to look over the plants and marvel over the growing veggies! 😛

My red pepper plant. Look at how huge that far one is getting!




Now the next thing I have no clue about….How I go about harvesting them! Any tips from the gardeners out there?

How are your gardens growing? Any exciting developments or new veggies that you are growing for the first time? I would love to hear about them! With this success, I’m planning on one raised garden bed next year, so I have so much to learn. I would love to hear your experiences and tips!

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