Learning to Garden: Lessons From My Dad

Gardening has always been one of those things that seems just out of reach. Plants were something I wanted but never really seemed a possibility. People that had lush flower beds and bountiful gardens were people to be admired and, I’ll admit, envied a little. Their beautiful lawns were a stark contrast to my own.

The front lawn before we started planting, with a little of the fresh topsoil added. Pretty bare, right?!

This year, I’m attempting to change all of that. Together with my dad (who is one of those admired people, for this and many other things), I went and picked out impatiens for the front yard and two varieties each of bell peppers and tomatoes, along with oregano and basil. He was very patient with me and my multiple calling-outs of “will this one work?” and “I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Dad’s flowers on top, mine on the bottom.

We then drove home where he helped me plant all of them while my mom photo-documented the whole thing!





Dad being very helpful in showing how I needed to plant the impatiens 🙂


While I was, and still am, a bit nervous about growing these plants and hopefully being successful with them this year. Both his and my mom’s guidance throughout the process helped so much.

I am always looking for new things to learn and skills to add to my abilities. I look forward to learning more about gardening and, with any luck, getting some delicious produce and beautiful flowers this season!

Container veggies on the back deck, along with a couple herbs! Can’t wait to see how they grow!
The front yard looking a little less bare! Can’t wait to see how these grow!

Do you have any new things you are trying to learn right now? Any new gardeners out there? Let me know!

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