Sunday Meal Prep

Do you like to make your meal prep quick? Well then this week is definitely for you! This was one of my fastest weeks in the kitchen at around 2.5 hrs. And that time was even split up, since the chicken for the salads and one main dish were cooked in the slow cookers and the rice for that same main dish was cooked in the rice cooker!

On to this week’s meal prep!

As always, I will start us off with our regular weekly snacks! Not only are these delicious alternatives to junk food and other snacky-type things, but I have found that they keep me from craving those other foods as often too. And with the holiday season coming up, that seems more important than ever right now. So these are definite must-haves!
Shredded Buffalo Chicken Salads!
One of the many things I love about Mason Jar Salads combined with meal prep is I am able to cut down on the produce waste in our kitchen. For example, this week one of the main dishes left me with some extra bell pepper. No problem! I just chopped the extras up and put them in with the rest of the veggies in my salads!
Extra veggies for steaming, leftover Shredded Buffalo Chicken for the freezer, some hardboiled eggs, Slow Simmered Curried Chicken (from this cookbook) and Sausage, Cannellini and Tomato Ragout. You may notice that we have a little less for main dishes than usual. Well, after going through our freezer recently, I realized we have a few meals that need to be used soon, so for this week (and probably the next few weeks) I will be cooking two main dishes and then, if needed, pulling out meals from the freezer. This week the freezer meal is Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese!

I think I am forming a curry addiction. I love how this chicken curry turned out!! The ragout was delicious as well, though I will say I might double the recipe next time.

P.s. If you like Asian foods, you should definitely look at getting the cookbook linked above! A friend gave it to me a couple years ago and I have finally gotten around to cooking out of it. I love it and can’t wait to try more recipes! This is not a paid or sponsored post, nor is the link an affiliate link. I just really like the cookbook.

That’s it for this week! What are you cooking at your house? Do you have an food types you are loving right now, like I am with curry? I would love to hear them!

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